Taste Of Me - EP (Vinyl)

Teenage Joans


Taste Of Me, our debut EP, is Teenage Joans at it’s most authentic. These are some of the earliest songs we wrote, and the stories from when our two worlds first collided.

We wrote all of these songs when we were 15-18, hence the strong themes around growing up and learning to navigate the world around you. We didn’t mean to make most of the songs so food centred, it naturally just formed that way!

The first song we wrote for the EP was Therapist in early 2019, and the last song we wrote was Wine towards the end of the same year. That was such a huge year for our development as musicians, songwriters and humans, so it only felt right to give these songs a life through our debut full length release.

We are so incredibly proud of these songs and recordings, and finally putting it into the world is both so nerve wracking and exciting. Taste Of Me is a taste of us, we couldn’t have put more of ourselves into it if we tried.

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Track Listing Side A

1. Apple Pie
2. Ice Cream
3. Something About Being Sixteen

Side B

4. Therapist
5. Wine

Taste Of Me - EP (Vinyl) by Teenage Joans